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Finans Faktoring


Finans Faktoring Inc. started its operations on 5 October 2009 and 99% of its shares are owned by Finansbank. Finans Faktoring Inc.’s head-office is in Istanbul and we have twelve branches in Ankara, İzmir, Antalya, Adana, DES, İkitelli, Gebze, Kıraç, G.Antep, Denizli, Bursa and Kozyatağı.

Finans Faktoring Inc. is one of the youngest and most dynamic companies within its sector with an expert team with previous experiences in leading banking and factoring companies.


Increasing awareness on factoring transactions both locally and globally and contributing to the development of trade by providing valuable information on trade financing and receivables management

Managing the receivables / collections of the clients using the appropriate methods and providing an uninterrupted cash flow.

With a proactive approach providing tailor-made, creative, fast and effective solution by making the correct analysis and contributing to the growth of the sector.

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